Nut and Seed Butter

Are you aware of the many varieties of nut and seed butters on the market today?  I use them everyday.  They are very satisfying; they fill you up and taste great.  They are a great source of omega 3 and 6, protein, and vitamins.  One of my favourite ways to use the butters is to take 1 tbsp. and mix into your bowl of steel cut oats in the morning.  Remember that even though these nut and seed butters are healthy, they are still high in fat so watch your portion sizes.   Buy the butters that contain only the nuts or seeds, no added salt or oil.

 How I use the butters:

-Eat a tablespoon with an apple, banana, or celery

-Spread on toast or brown rice cakes,

-Spread on a small whole grain tortilla shell and add a sliced banana

-Serve with pancakes and waffles

-Bake with them

 Here is a list of some of my favourites:

 -Sunflower seed butter

-Macadamia nut butter

-Pumpkin seed butter

-Almond butter

-Cashew butter

-Hazelnut butter

nut and seed butter

nut and seed butter


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