The Journal of My Weight Loss Journey – Part 2

By Jodi Vieira

August 2012 I had finally made the decision to work out with a personal trainer.  I needed some professional help and want the support of committing to my exercise routines each week.

I was a little nervous on my first day, not sure what to expect.  I was getting my body fat and waist measured as well as being weighed, which was a reality check.  Jorg of Three60Fitness is my trainer, who I happen to think is very knowledgeable and supportive.

We talked about what my future goals were and set up a realistic fitness and nutrition plan.  My initial goal was to lose 30 pounds, get healthy, tone muscle, and gain strength.  We trained for one hour at a time, three days a week, and I worked out on my own the other three days, taking one to two days a week off for rest days.

Jorg discussed a nutrition plan with me along the lines of natural, low-calorie foods, something that I was very familiar with already, but had not been able to follow.

The principles were:

(1) Consistently eat clean

(2) Eat five to six times a day

(3) Pay attention to portion size

(4) Drink your water

(5) Get your sleep

After my first workout, I am feeling tired, but happy to get through the hour.  We did body weight exercises and cardio, and the next day my muscles were pretty sore.

One workout turned into two and two into three. I was now using my entire body every workout.  Jorg introduced weights and kettle bells to strengthen my core, legs, and arms.  I can honestly say I was falling in love with exercising regularly because it made me feel great mentally and physically.

On my own workout days I did a variety of cardio, switching it up from using the treadmill, to the elliptical, to doing a walk/jog outside.  Some days I squeezed in an extra workout in the evening and went for a walk after dinner.  Whenever possible I took the stairs instead of the elevator.

It had become very important to me to make sure I had the right food in my fridge and cupboards at all times. I planned every day what my meals and snacks would be and always carried nutritious food when I was on the go.

When you are mentally ready for this change it is not difficult.  It quickly becomes your way of life.

August 2012

August 2012

August 2012

August 2012

Stay tuned for the next post, part 3 in my journey.

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