The Journal of My Weight Loss Journey – Part 3

By Jodi Vieira

A few weeks go by and I started to feel energized.  I couldn’t believe the amount of extra energy I had during the daytime.  This alone kept me wanting to go back for more.  In one month I was down 11 lbs.  Could this be possible?  Yes it was.  I had been very focused on my nutrition and consistent in my workouts with Jorg and on my own.

Jorgs’ workouts had been challenging me and I was never bored because he was always changing it up.  He used metabolic routines and every workout consisted of different weight-bearing exercises using the whole body as well as cardio.  I could only do push ups on my knees when we first started and now could do regular push ups.  I started with 5 and 8 pound weights and was now using 10 and 12 pound weights.  When we first started squats and lunges my legs were not very strong, but as the weeks went by everything in my core and lower body was getting stronger.  I  performed more reps each week and added weights to the squats and lunges.

Week by week I continued on my quest.  Most days were great, but some were not.  My legs and arms were sore, and some days I felt sore from head to toe.  Having sore muscles was something I expected, but some days I really needed to dig deep to work through the discomfort.  Managing my clean eating was getting easier each week because I was craving healthier food and making good choices.

There were days when I had to remind myself why I was doing this.  It was for the continued energy, mental health, and strength I felt everyday.  My clothes were loose, my skin was healthy, and I was gaining strength and balance.  I loved the change in myself.

Sept 2012

Sept 2012

Sept 2012

Sept 2012

Stay tuned for the next post, part 4 in my journey.

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