My Meal Plan

I have been on this journey for 9 ½ months and have had a lot of people asking me what I eat.  Eating clean has been successful for me and I hope the meal plan below gives you a few ideas to try.

Monday thru Friday


1 ½ cups water, 1 tsp greens concentrate, 1 ½ tsp of chia seeds, ½ scoop protein powder, and ice

Steel cut oats

¾ cup cook steel-cut oats, 1 tsp nut or seed butter (or a few nuts or seeds), and 1 tsp sugar-free jam or apple butter

Vegetable juice

Carrots, Celery, Beet, Cucumber, Orange, and Ginger

Protein smoothie

1 ½ tsp of coconut oil or flax oil, 1 cup skim milk, ¾ cup frozen fruit, and 1 scoop protein powder

My snacks, lunch, and dinner change everyday, but the above is usually the same Monday thru Friday.  I drink lots of water have herbal tea and coffee.  Every Saturday for breakfast I have eggs and whole grain or rice toast and every Sunday I have either waffles or pancakes.  I take a multi vitamin everyday.

Breakfast (choose one)

-steel-cut oats with 1 tsp nut or seed butter and 1 tsp sugar-free jam or apple butter

-yogurt and cottage cheese with fruit

-egg/egg whites (prepared different ways) with whole grain or rice bread, fruit

-protein smoothie

-healthy waffles or pancakes

Lunch (choose one)

-salad or vegetables and lean protein

-2 hard-boiled eggs or lean protein in a small whole grain wrap with hummus

-1/2 sandwich (with lean protein) whole grain or rice bread, salad or vegetables

-protein smoothie

-leftovers from dinner the night before

Dinner (choose one)

-salad and/or vegetables, lean protein, ½ yam or ¾ cup brown rice or ¾ cup quinoa, or 1 cup brown rice pasta

-soup and salad

-large salad with lean protein

-turkey burger (no bun), yams fries (oven baked), salad or vegetables

I like to create different salads all the time and change-up what I add with them.  Here are a few ideas of what I like to add:  ½ avocado, hard-boiled egg whites, black beans, chick peas, lean protein, nuts or seeds, goat cheese or blue cheese.  Salad dressing is olive, pumpkin, or avocado oil and balsamic vinegar or lemon/lime juice.


-2 hard-boiled eggs

-fresh fruit with nuts or seeds

-dried fruit with nuts or seeds

-hummus with raw vegetables

-nut or seed butter with a banana, apple, or brown rice cakes


-cottage cheese

-protein smoothie

-lara bars

-francines finest bars

There are many more options this is just a general list.  You need to pay attention to portion sizes.  I am always searching for new recipes and food ideas.  The Eat Clean Diet book series has lots of recipes and meal plans to choose from.  I am passionate about my lifestyle and love to prepare nutritious meals for my family.  You can email me if you want a recipe or idea for a specific food or have any questions at

It’s just my view – Georgie Girl Talks

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